I'm sure in every city there can be found a shopping mall with a fairly impressive food court in one of the upper floors.  Let's be honest it's fairly convenient, fast and easy dining.  Personally, I never really expect to experience really great food.  

These Crackpots and These Women

If you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed a Tweet recently which suggested I'm not exactly having the best time at work at the moment.  It got a little bit worse this last week when the only other woman who isn't 'admin staff' handed in her notice.

Huge Beauty Haul

I have spent so much money recently!

Lush Haul

You wanna hear something totally crazy?  But you have to promise to still like me after...  I'm serious!

Pretty Green Eyes

I have had my eye on the little trio Electro for quite some time.  I used to work on a counter right next to Smashbox so I would steal a shot of the tester all the time!

Toffe Apple Crumble

I have a little secret.  I don't really like Toffee Apples.  I find them really rather sore on the teeth.  I find them pretty sticky and just a bit of a hassle.