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Home Inspo: Pinteresting

At the beginning of this year I was working full time in what looked like would be my career, as was Andrew.  We lived together, we had a cat, we went shopping for our first real Christmas tree.  I cooked a lot, my favourite store was the home floor in John Lewis.

Here Comes Autumn Make Up Look

I love summer, really I do.  But I'm also from Scotland and I'm not quite used to prolonged heat.  As a result, more than ever before I'm really looking forward to autumn.  In fact, I may even go as far to say that autumn is my favourite season.

Uni Days: A Photo Diary

It has been easy to forget these past two months that the entire reason that I am here in The Netherlands is that I will be studying for my master degree at The University of Amsterdam.  This week is essentially the Dutch version of Freshers Week and it has been so exciting to get back into a learning environment.

It's Christmas Time!

This Christmas has marked a big landmark in my relationship.  Actually, even a big landmark in my life.

Room Tour: I Finally Have My Own Place

I've now been in Amsterdam just short of two whole months and in that time I have moved three times.  First in a lovely AiriBnB room in Zaandam, then to Lucky Lake, then to Leiden and finally to a friends parents place in Amsterdam. 

Coffee Shop Favourites: 3 Iced Teas

One of my favourite series ideas that suffered from my blogging hiatus was Coffee Shop Favourites so it is time to bring it back.


New Year.  New Start.  New Blog.