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My Little Box

I sometimes feel like a bit of a failure at blogging, especially when I don't post or tweet or interact much for a while.  Then I remember that I'm really just blogging for myself so what does it matter?  Sometimes life gets in the way and there just is no time for blogging.  And that's OK!

Anyway... now that is out the way... I really wanted to talk to you about My Little Box.  I wanted to get this post up after I got my first box but never got around to it, and since then it's been doing the rounds on the blogs.  I guess it has become a bit of a cult hit.

And it is easy to see why!  My Little Box has really hit a gap in the market.  It's great lifestyle box, instead of a more traditional 'beauty box'.  Every month you get the My Little World magazine and the cutest illustration by Kanako.

You also get a handful of beauty products, including one from My Little Beauty, My Little Box's own brand.  The products are usually really lovely ones such as a hand cream by L'Occitaine and Keratase hairspray.

And then, you also get some little lifestyle treats.  I've had a miniature mug and a hand warmer.  Normally these items are a bit useless, but they are adorable none the less.

All in all, I look forward to My Little Box every month and I haven't been disappointed yet!  If you are at all on the fence about subscribing I would say, most definitely, go for it!  

Check it out here.    

The Scoop on Black Friday

Is it just me, or is Black Friday a bigger thing this year?  I honestly don't know if I ever knew it to be so big in the UK, people are talking about it everywhere!

Going the Whole(Foods) Way

I'm just going to state this here and now, this post is a little bit different to my normal kind of post.  Perhaps this kind of topic will become something a little bit more regular on The Orchard, but if you would rather I never post anything of the sort ever again then please do let me know!

Favourite Foundation

My skin is an absolute nightmare at this time of year.  I always have dry skin but the cold weather cause havoc with it!  I also find that it starts to react to different foundations in a way it never does in winter. 


I'm sure in every city there can be found a shopping mall with a fairly impressive food court in one of the upper floors.  Let's be honest it's fairly convenient, fast and easy dining.  Personally, I never really expect to experience really great food.  

These Crackpots and These Women

If you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed a Tweet recently which suggested I'm not exactly having the best time at work at the moment.  It got a little bit worse this last week when the only other woman who isn't 'admin staff' handed in her notice.