photo Orchard7_zps7547c69d.jpg"/>  photo Orchard5_zps27cd1a6a.jpg"/>  photo orchard2_zps9fd9cb13.jpg"/>  photo Orchard6_zpsde3d1aa7.jpg"/>  photo orchard1_zps85f6656f.jpg"/>  photo Orchard4_zpsd67165a9.jpg"/>

9 Streets

De 9 Straatjes, or The 9 Streets, are a collection of small little alleys between canals and are host to, probably, some of the coolest people and shops and cafes in the whole of Amsterdam.  Bursting with beautiful humans it is the perfect spot for a little people watching.

So, the other day I hopped on my bike and set of, knowing full well I was way too poor to buy a things, but just to enjoy the experience.  I was not disappointed.  I mean this is a place where Karl Lagerfeld has his own store.

I could spend hours just wandering along the streets, taking in the truly breath taking buildings.  

One thing that strikes me is the feeling that Dutch architecture have this incredible facade hiding the buildings behind.  If you were to take away the rooms you would be left with this mesmerising wall of different sized facades.  Almost like a masquerade ball for buildings...

Once you have finished ogling the incredible buildings there is plenty to occupy you back down at street level.  There are heaps of vintage store, barbers, beauty parlours, jewellery stores and, my favourite, old book stores to keep you amused for an afternoon of shopping.  

And if you get tired, feel free to rest your weary feet on a little seat outside some random shop.

But if you are feeling a slightly longer rest be sure to pop into Screaming Beans.  I recommend the Iced Latte and all it's creamy deliciousness.  It perked me up perfectly for my cycle back home.

Which could have been mistaken for 'home' home as I passed some bagpipes on the way.  You can take the girl out of Scotland, but the pipes will follow her!!     

When in Amsterdam... Get a New Bike!

It became pretty clear pretty fast that in order to live in Amsterdam it was totally essential to get myself a bicycle, so that is exactly what I did.

Isn't she wonderful?

I have been interesting like crazy on how to 'pimp my bike' a little.  I'm thinking a wine crate basket, a cup holder, a yoga mat holder...  She is going to be amazing!  So if you have any ideas, throw them my way!

In the meantime, she needs a name??

Sometimes you just have to watch movies all day

A day that begins with two breakfasts can't be bad right?  Right!

Earlier in the week Anne and I had decided that if it was a sunny day we would go out and be active.  If it was raining, however, we would simply stay in and watch movies all day.  So, I did a little rain dance... and it worked!!

We stocked up on food and snacks and settled in for the day.

We set up the projector, which is an absolutely must for the ultimate movie day, and got all wound up and confused to Inception.

Unfortunately the sun came out a bit so we decided that we really should take a walk, but Leiden did not disappoint.  The architecture is truly amazing and I can not recommend a visit enough!

But, enough of the outdoors, back in our little home theatre we decided to continue with good old Leo and laughed our way though The Wolf of Wall Street.

Good day all round in my book!!

Food Truck Festival Treck

There is a standing joke between my friends, Andrew and I that we should all just combine our talents and open up a food truck and travel Europe and make really great food!

So when I found out that TRECK Food Truck Festival was coming to Amsterlpark in Amsterdam I couldn't be more excited.  I grabbed my friend Anne and we decided to eat as much as we possibly could!!

We had a walk around to suss out the best spots and I couldn't help but notice that everyone around us simply looked happy.  Smiles and laughter through out, the atmosphere was incredible.  Maybe it had something to do with the rooftop burger joint or the ability to have a shave...

Plus, everyone was so beautiful and constantly picture ready...

And there was a DJ in a tractor!

We started off with some trusty fried chicken and beer before moving on to the most incredible pulled pork burger known to man.

We followed this up with some traditional Poffertjes and iced coffee.

We decided that a walk was sorely needed in order to make room for meal numbers 2 and 3 and got photobombed by two ducks!!

Back at the festival we grabbed some tortillas, frozen yoghurt and coco balls, which were all to scrumptious I forgot to take a picture...

And parked ourself in front of the live music entertainment for the long haul.

Then, we were invited to a friends for some paella....  Pretty tasty day!!

The Best of Downton Abbey

When I first came to The Netherlands I decided to start watching Downton Abbey.  I figured what better way to get over a little homesickness with the company of the English Nobility.

One of my favourite things about Downton Abbey is the hilarious one liners, albeit generally from Granny, which can easily be missed.  So I jotted down some of my favourites and thought I would share them with you.

1.  I tell you, why don't we all go for lunch on Wednesday.  Even you Edith? - Lady Mary

2.  My dear, a lack of compassion can be as vulgar as an excess of tears. - Granny

3.  Oh, it is you.  I thought it was a man wearing your clothes. - Granny

4.  There is nothing more ill bred than to flirt with another mans dog.  - Lord Grantham

5.  Principles are like prayers.  Noble of course, but awkward at a party.  - Granny

6.  I'm a woman Mary.  I can be as contrary as a choose.  - Granny

7.  Sympathy butters no parsnips.  - Mrs Patmore

8.  Of course I'll mary you, you old booby.  I though you'd never ask. - Mrs Hughes

9.  I've never been called a liberal in my life and I don't intend to start now. - Mrs Carson

10.  What's a weekend?  - Granny

Yoga in Vondelpark

I really, REALLY wanted this post to be about, wait for it... Yoga in Vondelpark.

But, I forgot to take pictures.  I know, I know, I'm sorry!

Suffice it to say it was wonderful.  The feeling of yoga with the breeze over your arms, or your toes in the ground or the sound of the birds just made it all the better and I highly recommend it.  

If you're in Amsterdam, get your yoga mat down to Vondel Park on Saturdays at 11am by the Roosarium.  You will not regret it!  Also, hit me up if you plan to go.

Anyway, I guess I'll just take you along for the ride of my day instead...

As alway, it started of with an espresso and a catch up of some of my favourite blogs.

Followed by the most incredible walk to yoga.  

The Dutch really know architecture right?

After the massive blogging fail that was yoga, I headed to this amazing Juice Bar - The Cold Pressed Juicery.  

Wow, was this the best smoothie of my life!  I had 'The Sinner' - banana, nut caramel sauce, coconut meat, shredded coconut, vanilla, cinnamon, cashew milk.

After feeling truly revitalised I decided it was time to go home and start making some serious blog plans and actually write my first post, a whole three weeks after arriving...

And then I finished my evening with these amzing Shrimp Tacos.  

If you want the recipe, I totally recommend signing up to the Tone It Up nutrition plan.  Come join the #TIUTeam with me!

So, how was your day?