Favourite Foundation

My skin is an absolute nightmare at this time of year.  I always have dry skin but the cold weather cause havoc with it!  I also find that it starts to react to different foundations in a way it never does in winter.  So, I thought it was a good time of year to let you in on my favourite foundations.  The ones I go back to, time and time again (and a little newbie thrown in for good measure).

The first of my favourite foundations is the Chanel Vitalumiere.  It has such a beautiful sheer covergae, which to be perfectly honest is more suited to summer.  But, if I am having a particularly good skin day then this is perfect!

"Source of youth and light. This fluid foundation revives tired, dull complexions. Its fluid texture, containing moisturisers, ensures maximum comfort for the skin."

It has great lasting power yet feels as though there is nothing on your skin.. You know the feeling I'm on about... you want to look totally gorgeous yet still being able to say...

By the way, if anyone wanted to get me a Christmas present, I really want one of the hoodies!

The Smashbox BB Cream is a great alternative to a full on foundation.  I actually think it has a little bit more coverage than the Chanel, but it's still really natural and lightweight.  You all know I love Smashbox so it's really no surprise that this is in there!

"Your new go-to for flawless skin. Just let it BB.So what does BB do?
PRIMES: Wear alone, or under your favorite foundation to create a smooth canvas
PERFECTS: Tinted formula in 5 shades evens out skin for a flawless finish
HYDRATES: Improves skin moisture in 4 weeks.
PROTECTS: SPF 35 guards against UVA/UVB rays
CONTROLS OIL: Minimizes shine with no chalky finish."

Apparently, you can use it as a Primer or as a base on it's own.  The world is your oyster!

For a little bit more coverage, again, I love the Smashbox Liquid Halo HD Foundation.  Sometimes, if my skin is really dry I find this a bit much, but generally it is great.  Again, finishes with a very natural look and feel but will cover all those blemishes that only ever seem to appear in the colder months.  Maybe it has something to do with it being the party month...

"Bring on the flawless! The first-ever foundation with 100% Liquid Light Technology completely evens out skin for a totally natural, luminous finish. (Think gel-covered pigments that mimic photo filters to blur imperfections.) Created in our studios, this HD formula was developed to keep up with advancing photo technology by giving you flawless coverage that’s undetectable to the naked eye."

Now, if you need the Gold Coin (Pretty Woman reference...) of coverage you're going to a need a stick foundation.  My favourite is the Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation.  If you like to see some skin below, this probably isn't the foundation for you and I wouldn't wear it every day.  But when you need something that is going to stand the test of alcohol, then it is perfect!

"The ultimate nude foundation Bobbi's iconic Foundation Stick gets an update with a unique transparent base plus skin tone correct pigments for an incredibly natural look. Apply this long-wearing foundation all over or just where you need it. In 24 skin tone correct shades."

Now, it wouldn't be a foundation blog post without featuring the most coveted, cult foundation product of all blog time... NARS Sheerglow.  I wanted it for so long, but as it is not readily available in Aberdeen I had to wait for a trip to Glasgow.

I tried it on in the store and had some reservations.  But I thought, I'll get it home and try it out, it has to be good.  But, I got it home and realised it wasn't quite a great as I'd thought.  Don't get me wrong, it is a very nice foundation, but I just find it doesn't suit my dry skin.  But, I will of course finish the bottle and reserve judgement for a few more weeks.

What are your favourite foundations?  Let me know in the comments below!



I'm sure in every city there can be found a shopping mall with a fairly impressive food court in one of the upper floors.  Let's be honest it's fairly convenient, fast and easy dining.  Personally, I never really expect to experience really great food.  

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